What is pizza vending machine?

Pizza vending machines are the new phenomenon in the national market but it already has all chances to earn a rightful place on the showcase of offers in venting business. If the name didnt explain you what pizza vending machine is well explain: pizza vending machine is a slot-machine which sales pizza. However its not that simple.

Pizza vending machines are the invention, which has a lot of advantages in comparison with traditional pizza from pizzeria, and pizza made in pizza vending machine is not only the fastest and economically profitable but also incredibly tasty! We mentioned on purpose that pizza in pizza vending machines is baked and isnt heated Anticipating your surprise and a lot of questions, lets discuss it in details.

Pizzemat is a whole system which contains the function of storage, baking and pizza sale with the system being completely automated and having no troubles in serving. Imagine yourself inside of a pizza vending machine. What will you see there? Youll see chilled pizzas lying on special tier in special storages. Compartment for pizza store is a special refrigerator with temperature holding at 6 C, where pizzas can be stored for 30 days without freezing.

We are using a special oven for baking on special tehs, which heat up to 300 C, which let us to have a fresh and amazingly tasty pizza for just two minutes! The customer needs just to choose the pizza he likes by pushing the right button and by putting only 130 rub in a billreceiver , to get a fresh tasty pizza with crisp and amazing taste of natural products just in two minutes.

All the elements in pizza vending machine are controlled by special controllers and the system is established to proceed a away(remoted) monitoring, get statistics and to repair defects in the system from the distance. If you want to find out more information about pizza vending machine check out our websites slash technical characteristics of pizza vending machine.

For now the production of pizza vending machines is not completely ready and some set devices in the cities of Russia are adapting to the market. However we can already tell that when pizza vending machines enter the vending market, they will surely take strong positions and will become worthy alternative items of power.

Do you know what:

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