Four cheese

 Four cheese

“Four cheese” is one of the real “Italian” pizzas. By its’ name it’s clear that its’ basic ingredients are four cheese sorts: delicious “Mozzarella” with creamy taste, aromatic “Fontina”, spicy “Dor-Blue” and cheese classic-“Parmesan”. Each of them brings something new in taste bouquet and appears to be an integral basic of a true masterpiece by the name of “Four cheese”

For dough*:

Water- 150-200 gm
Milk – 200gm
Eggs – 1
Freezed yeasts – 10 gm
Salt – 1 sp.
Olive oil – 1 sp.

For filling:

Olive oil, infused on spices.
Tomato sauce
Cheese”Mozzarella” – 1 pack
Cheese “Fontina” – 1 slice
Cheese “Dor-Blue” – 1 slice
Cheese “Parmesan” – 1 slice
Mixture of Italian spices (basil, oregano, bitter paprika)

Italians pay special attention to every step of pizza baking, they call everyone to do it, to come closer to their skills. Despite its’ uniqueness pizza “Four cheese” begins with dough, and for Italians cooking dough is as important as the other processes. As a matter of fact it is not important in which sequence you put ingredients into pizza, the most important is you mood.

Don’t forget about your mood and smile happily at least for yourself, or better to the people around you, you may start baking pizza “Four cheese”. Knead classic yeast dough, leave it for 1 hour and a half, and once again knead it carefully. Make 10 balls from this dough and mash it into a tortilla with diameter 23-25 cm.

Now you need to give your pizza a unique spicy flavor, to do this you need to sprinkle the tortilla with real Italian spices. At first butter , which also needs to be cooked. For cooking the right butter take some oregano and basil, put them in a capacity and pour with olive oil. If you want to make everything by recipe then butter must be infused on spices at least for 2 days after what you need to overcome and strain it. After butter is finished you can use it to bake pizza.

Now sauce. Sauce ,like everything else, is better to be cooked yourself. For making the right tomato sauce scald the tomatoes with boiling water, clean them, fry it on a small fire until the liquid evaporates and again put spices. Now the most important is cheese. Uniformly and with hart sprinkle our pizza with cheese mixture, without leaving empty places. Above you may put some spices as well but as a matter of fact it was a final step. Oven will do everything for you. Put our beauty in the oven for 7-10 minutes, clean up your working place and BON APPETIT!

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Do you know what:

The japanese pizza “okonomiaki”, which translates like “fry what you like”, can rightfully be called the most unusual pizza . It is a big fried tortilla made of dough with seafood and vegetables, well slushed with special sauce and sprinkled with dried shavings of tuna. Nearly transparent tuna petals, moving thanks to the steams of hot air on a already cooked pizza, makes a strange feeling: sometimes it even seems that you are trying to eat a live creature.