“Nizarda” is one of our exotic pizzas. Its’ unique taste depends on the presence of tuna pieces, canned in oil, in combination with olives. Mild, moderately salted and little fat, it will bring diversity in your usual menu and if you once tried our “Nizarda” from the pizza vending machine, then why won’t you try to make it with your own hands? If you are not afraid of experiments and ready to ellocate some time for creativity – then you can do it!

For dugh*:

Water – 150-200 gm
Milk – 200 gm
Eggs – 1 th
Yeasts – 10 gm
Salt – 1 sp
Olive oil – 1 sp

For filling:

Olive oil infused on spices.
Tomato sauce
Cheese “Mozzarello” – 1 pack
Fresh tomatos – 1 th
Cheese “Gauda” – 2-3 slices
Tuna, canned in oil – half of bank
Olives – 2 th
Mixture of italian spices (basil, oregano, bitter papprika) Pizza “Nizarda” receip.

So, we are starting to cook. First is dough. “Nizarda” is cooked on the classic yeast dough which, as you understand, must be made. This will not take much strength but will take some time, because dough must “rise” at first. During the dough making process it’s good to think about something bright and pleasant, because dough is a body of the future pizza and during the process of its’ “birth” it is very sensitive to your mood. The more you smile the more delicate it will be, and the right dough is a bail for a tasty pizza.So, thinking about something positive, knead the dough until you get a homogeneus mass, the ready dough put on a board, cover with towel and put it in a dry place for 1 hour and a half. Knead the “risen” dough carefully again, let the air bubbles out, divide into 10 equal parts. Every part of it is a future pizza.

Now move to the filling. To get aromatic butter take a pack of oregano and basili, pour it in a capacity and pour it with olive oil. Pay attention to this: to get the right taste it must be infused on spices for two days, after what it must be pressed and strained. Then comes the tomato sauce. To make it we should clean from skin the pre-scalded fresh tomatos, cut them slightly and fry them on a small fire until the liquid evoparation. Add salt and spices and our selfmade tomato sauce is ready for using!

Now the most creative part: miz all the ingredients. : If the dough balls have been lying more than 10 minutes- smash them again (with your hands) and make a round tortilla from each of them. Smear the tortilla with aromatic butter, circulary put the tomato sauce and uniformly circulary put fresh tomatos.Pour the pre-grated chhese from above, put the tuna pieces and beautifully lay the olives. Bake the pizza in the pre-heated up to 250-270 C oven for 7-10 minutes. For baking pizza you can use teflon forms.

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Do you know what:

The japanese pizza “okonomiaki”, which translates like “fry what you like”, can rightfully be called the most unusual pizza . It is a big fried tortilla made of dough with seafood and vegetables, well slushed with special sauce and sprinkled with dried shavings of tuna. Nearly transparent tuna petals, moving thanks to the steams of hot air on a already cooked pizza, makes a strange feeling: sometimes it even seems that you are trying to eat a live creature.