Once in your life you tried our peerless “Pepperony”, but already missing it? Then you definetly need to get to the nearest pizza vending machine! You just should come to one of our slot-machines and you can once again enjoy the peerless taste of classic “Pepperony”. But if you don’t look for easy ways or you just don’t want to live your house – there is another variant: try to cook pizza “Pepperony” yourself! For cooking it yourself you will need the following ingredients:

For dough*:

Water – 150-200 gm
Milk – 200 gm
Eggs – 1 th
Yeasts – 10 gm
Salt – 1 sp
Olive oil – 1 sp

For filling:

Olive oil infused on spices.
Tomato sauce
Cheese “Mozzarello” – 1 pack
Fresh tomatos – 1 or 2 th
Cheese “Gauda” – 2-3 slices
Hot sausage “Salsicha Napoli – 1 th
Mixture of italian spices (basil, oregano, bitter papprika)

So, let’s get started. Make a little hole in flour, without reaching a top of the table, break egg in it and pour salt in there. Next step is yeasts: pre-dissolve them in milk, pour them in the hole as well, constantly kneading flour. During this process it’s good to think about something bright and pleasant because during the process of its’ “birth”, it is very sensitive to the energy around. With thinking about pleasant things, we continue to pour water into dough and knead until we get homogeneus mass.

Then put it on the board, cover it with towel and leave it in a dry warm place for 1 hour and a half. During this time yeasts will manifest themselves, thanks to what your dough will increase in size. Knead the “risen” dough again, let the air bubbles from it, divide it into 10 equal parts and roll into balls.

Now move to making filling. To get aromatic butter take 10 gm of oregano and basili, put it in a capacity and pour it with olive oil. Pay attention to this: to get the right taste it must be infused on spices for two days, after what it must be pressed and strained. Then comes the tomato sauce.

To make it we should clean from skin the pre-scalded fresh tomatos, cut them slightly and fry them on a small fire until the liquid evoparation. Pour salt and spices. Of course to minimize these problems, you can buy a ready-made sauce, but remember: to make a real pizza it’s undesirable to use tomato pasta.

Now the most creative step: modeling pizza! Pay attention to this: If the dough balls have been lying more than 10 minutes- smash them again (with your hands) and make a round tortilla from each of them, without making jags appear. Now a liitle bit of art: smear the tortilla with aromatic butter, circulary put the tomato sauce and uniformly circulary put fresh tomatos. Then with a even layer pour grated cheese “Gauda” and “Mozzarello”, put thinly sliced sausage and pour it with spices. As for sausage then of course there should be salami. If you cuoldn’t find a hot nonpolitanian salami – don’t loose hart, you can painless use another ( but a REAL ITALIAN!)

Bake pizza in a pre-heated up to 250*270 C oven for 7-10 minutes. To increase the pizzas’ size the number of ingredients can be proportionaly increased.

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Do you know what:

The japanese pizza “okonomiaki”, which translates like “fry what you like”, can rightfully be called the most unusual pizza . It is a big fried tortilla made of dough with seafood and vegetables, well slushed with special sauce and sprinkled with dried shavings of tuna. Nearly transparent tuna petals, moving thanks to the steams of hot air on a already cooked pizza, makes a strange feeling: sometimes it even seems that you are trying to eat a live creature.