The advantages of working with pizza vending machines.

The simplicity of use:

  • The apparatus is equiped with a control panel, where you will see the hole instruction of pizza vending machines exploitation.
  • The control panel and menu of pizza vending machine are completely translated into russian.
  • A comfortable placement of the issuing products window.
  • The presence of elevator shelf, which gives the product to the customer.
  • The possibility of setting device for credit cards.

The simplicity of service:

  • The possibility of a distance control of pizza vending machines: the system tracks stats of selling and technical status (condition) of pizza vending machines in on-line mode, signals about breakdown or about product end. LCD-monitor with straight access to programming.
  • The guaranty period on equipment: 1 year guaranty (apparatus lifetime is 5 years), next is maintenance.
  • Service maintenance (presence of specialists for call in case of apparatus breakdown).
  • Unlike the similar vending apparatuses, pizza vending machine is easy for transporting without using of special equipment and without hurting the technical condition.
  • The electic oven is equipped with removable tray, which makes easy to remove and clean it if necessary.

Do you know what:

The japanese pizza okonomiaki, which translates like fry what you like, can rightfully be called the most unusual pizza . It is a big fried tortilla made of dough with seafood and vegetables, well slushed with special sauce and sprinkled with dried shavings of tuna. Nearly transparent tuna petals, moving thanks to the steams of hot air on a already cooked pizza, makes a strange feeling: sometimes it even seems that you are trying to eat a live creature.